Welzh Vibration Mate; Injector Removal Tool

£460.00 ex. VAT

Specially designed by WELZH to combine vibrations & Pneumatic force to allow for the easy removal of seized injectors.
Comes complete with a universal adaptor set that cover Bosch, Delphi ,Denso, Siemens CR injectors which has solenoid coil or screw connections.
Covers 99% of injectors.

Video Tutorial Link: (2) Welzh Vibration Mate Injector Removal Tool 4589-WW – YouTube

Instructions: Step 1
Select the correct connector according to the injector.
Place the Vibration MateTM between the connector and injector, and
tighten it.
The torque of the wrench is between 20-30Nm.
WARNING: If loose it may cause damage during the impact drawing
process. Please make sure it is torqued correctly.
Step 2
Use high pressure bar (the air pressure is generally between 5-8 bar).
WARNING: If the air is not clean and free of moisture it will cause the
internal cylinder of the Vibration MateTM to be stuck or corroded.
Use the air pressure switch to control the pulling frequency.
Keep an eye on whether the injector is pulled out.
Step 3
When the injector is about to be pulled out, switch off or reduce the air
pressure in order to prevent the injector head from hitting the engine’s
water bonnet or other parts.
Step 4
When the process is complete, store the Vibration MateTM in its box in a
dry place.
Regularly inject about 1ml of oil into the air inlet of the puller every 10
hours of work to prevent the internal piston cylinder from becoming
wet and causing rust.

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